Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day #2 Results

Wellllll...........   My results were not as drastic with my living room as with my kitchen!  I spent a lot of time trying to KEEP my kitchen clean (HUGE JOB!!)  I also was behind on laundry, so I folded about 6 loads of laundry. 

I did, however, put away Mary's winter clothes which have been on our loveseat for going on 2 weeks.  I washed nine children coats, which I will Space Bag today. (I love those Space Bags for winter coats and snow pants!)

 I also went through a basket, formerly known as a laundry basket (turned JUNK basket) which has been collecting junk in our bedroom for about a month.  (The sad thing is, I have another basket in the basement with the same problem!) 

I still tackled the top of the TV, which was covered with DVD's, CD's, and a nice layer of dust; and the piano, also covered with a nice layer of dust and dry plant leaves.

Somewhere in there I found time to make supper and walk Mary to the neighbor's to play.

My devotion time went well, I am reading in the Psalms.  However, by the time I crawled into bed at night, it seemed like last week since I had done that!

Rather than choosing music to listen to while working, I have been listining to the audio book The Duggars: 20 and Counting!  What a blessing that has been!  I am refreshed with renewed inspiration to teach my children more consisently about living for and loving our Saviour Jesus Christ and Christian character.  I also have a load of new child training insight, which is ALWAYS helpful!  I now believe there is hope for the Leah monster! ;-)

I am planning on working on the master bedroom for two days instead of doing the kids'room tomorrow.  We did it not too long ago, and the master is... scary!  It seems what I would consider a good time to clean my room, either Hubby or Baby are sleeping in there.  I am doing good to get the laundry put away the same week it is washed!  The scariest part will be pulling out the bed to clean and dust underneath.  Hubby gets to help with this!

Sorry, but photos would be to humiliating!  Maybe later!

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