Sunday, February 12, 2012

Corah: My hero!

My daughter Corah is my hero. I tell her that often.  Every time she does something that I never could have done.  Not at her age, not at my age, not at any age could I have done it!

She can play the piano... IN FRONT OF PEOPLE!!!!  Wow!  I never could do that.  I tried. (And cried.)  She can even memorize the music and play it by heart!  I never could do that.  She is awesome!

She is a wonderful singer.  She has a beautiful voice and has already done a couple of duets for church.  I did that... but not at age 12!!!

Her latest thing was the Acts Academy drama.  She didn't have the lead, but she had a pretty major role.  And was fabulous!  She was even the FIRST person to speak in the play!  (That made my sooo nervous!)  And Corah was nervous, too... but she did great!

Isn't she darling with her flowers from her sister, Jordyn?

Here she is with her good friend, Kelli.  In the play they were best friends, "Betty Lou" (Corah) and "Bernadine" (Kelli).  It was a 50's play so they wore circle skirts and ponytails.

Corah with her special little sisters, Mary (back) and Leah.

*Sigh* My hero.

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  1. Way to go Corah! God has great plans for you! Keep working hard!