Thursday, December 9, 2010

Its Crazy Hair Day!

The kids had such a fun day at Acts Academy, I just had to share!  Today was crazy hair day, and we had a lot of fun deciding what to do, and doing it.
 Peter wanted to look like our black & white tom cat, Oreo; Corah wore a lovely floral arrangement (I think it was supposed to be jungle-like); and Joseph's head resembled a candy cane.  Don't I have such creative children?
                            All the students wore crazy hair or hats, then the 4-12 graders went to a nursing home, craziness and all, and sang the songs they will be performing in Tuesday night's Christmas concert!  The older generation got a blessing from the music, and a chuckle, too, at the fun hair and hats.

There is great anticipation in the air tonight, as we plan to visit our Osceola relatives all weekend long for the annual Dale/Zander/Ogbourne hunting trip on the farm where I grew up.  (We haven't owned it since 2002, but have lifetime hunting and fishing rights.)  I am looking forward to visiting my "home church" down at Murray.  I can't remember the last time I visited a service there.  I know there are a lot of new people now, but still some of the same.  It will be so nice to have a relaxing visit without being rushed as usual.  The kids can't wait to play at Aunt Becky & Uncle Marty's house with their cousins.

To add to the "zoo" theme, when we got home from academy late this afternoon, we were sursrised to find 2 black stray dogs.  One was a puppy that looks almost exactly like our puppy that died this summer!  The other is a mature male black lab, with every rib showing, he is so thin.  We believe they were house dogs that were abandoned.  They didn't hesitate to come in the garage, and the big one planned on going right on into the house!  It took some coaxing to get him outside.  Molly was not the least bit welcoming of the pair, and when our neighbors who have been feeding them for two days came home, they left.  When I talked to the neighbors, she (Laura) said they were probably taking them to a rescue this weekend.  Corah and I were ready to keep them, but Daddy said NO!


  1. Ummm - wow you guys have crazy hair day - you have CRAZY hair day! Love it!

  2. Have a fun weekend. And as far as the dogs.... stick to you guns Daddy!!!!