Who's in the Zoo?

This is all ten of us!

The Zoo Keepers

Dallas & Judy Zander met in December 1992.  When Dallas needed a baby sitter for his three children, he asked his pastor's wife for help.  He was a new Christian, recently divorced and needed a lot of help, being a single father.  His pastor's wife called the nearby Bible college where they had a list of students who would be available for babysitting.  As I like to say, "My number was up!"  His pastor's wife was given the name and number of a young lady who was a junior in college, freshly turned 21, and a sucker for blue eyes.  Me!  I babysat a few times, then he asked me to come on the weekend... for dinner.  We tested the waters for a couple of weeks, but knowing I could easily fall for this guy, his status of divorced, my status of college student,  I just knew it wasn't the right time then... maybe never.  So I took some time off to think, pray, and seek Godly counsel.  I knew that it was still my decision, but such a big one, I needed help!  I graduated in 1994, and remained friends with Dallas.  In January 1995 we knew it was God's will to take our relationship more seriously, and on November 23, 1995 {Thanksgiving Day!}  We wed.  Marrying someone with three kids is probably not something I would recommend, looking back.  It was {and still is} hard!  But we are still madly in love and the Lord has truly blessed {and continues to bless} our marriage commitment to each other!

The "Big Kids"
Austin & Tyler

These are the "original" kids, the ones I babysat when they were 2 & 3 years old!  This is a pretty old picture {2006} but that's the last time we got their picture done together! {Sad I know}  It doesn't help that Austin has lived several states away since 2008.  They are all our of high school now and working full time.  Jordyn is a school "lunch lady", babysits, and hires our for some cleaning jobs sometimes {while she waits for a May marriage to a certain someone}.  She also helps with a bridal rental business, which will come in handy in May!  Tyler works for an international seed corn company, and loves being able to be active.  {He had a desk job before.}  Austin lives near his mom and works for her at the restaurant she owns.

The Zoo Inhabitants
Peter, Joseph
Leah & Mary

These are the five children the Lord has blessed our marriage with.  They are what keeps this place a zoo!  They are all so active, and I am {trying} homeschooling them.

Corah is a full-fledged teenager and is quite a young lady!  Playing  piano and acting in the Academy drama are highlights for her.  She also loves playing with and spoiling little Leah!
Joseph is ten now and a bright, busy little guy.  {Not little for long, he is growing so fast!}  He loves to invent things and make up jokes.  He started playing the piano this year, too.
Peter is seven and is like the whirlwind that keeps thing stirred up!  He loves to joke and play and is quick to laugh.  He also started playing the piano and is having fun trying to play by ear.
Mary is a little mother and a princess.  She always has a "baby" tucked under her arm and is "mothering" {a.k.a. bossing around} Leah.  She has the sweetest smile and giggle and loves to snuggle.
Leah, *sigh* is a very active little almost four-year-old.  She has been accused of talking like a ten-year-old.  Her vocabulary is rather large... as the youngest of eight kids, I just don't know where she gets it from!

This is Lucy, our resident Bulldozer Bulldog.  She was an answer to a prayer after our other dogs  died last summer.  The puppy was hit and our old dog died.  We do still have one cat, though, and she keeps Lucy in line quite well!  Should I just say, "she hold her own."

I am fairly new at blogging, but I hope you will be patient with me and continue to check us out every now and then!

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