Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Leah Marie

Leah Marie made her early appearance into our lives nearly two years ago now.  After her prolonged infancy, she caught up very quickly!  The next thing we knew, we couldn't keep up with her!  Now while I am cleaning up the mess she made in the kitchen, she is in the bathroom putting on my make up... or climbing to Mary's top bunk... or falling off of it!  And her talking!  Oh, my!  She is always surprising us with words and sayings that seem advanced or one who is not yet two.  Take Sunday, for example!  While feeling exasperated from trying to keep her "out of trouble",  I said to her, "Are you Charlie Troublemaker?"  At which she tilted her head to one side, scrunched up her face to show she was thinking very hard (pointing finger on chin), all while saying,"Ummm..."  Then suddenly popped up her head and said brightly, "Probably!"
Little Leah got her name because she was so, well, little!  4 pounds, 9 ounces was really good for a preemie, but smaller than normal.  She was like carrying around a little doll.  I remember once while doing my Walmart shopping with her on my shoulder, holding her there with my left hand while I did everything else with my right hand.  She was a whopping 5.2 lbs when we brought her home.  Her weight wasn't even noticeable.  Now she wakes me up every morning by climbing in my bed and "whispering" [very loudly], "Mom, eat!"  From that moment until she finally drops for a nap, she is always into everything, and screaming at me when I try to stop her.  I struggle with my anger at some moments, so I pick her up and kiss that sweet baby cheek and my anger disolves into a love so overwhelming, so deep and wonderful... it is the love only a mother can feel.  I am so blessed to have all these children!  They are loud, messy, sweet, irritating, fun, demanding, adorable, provoking... all at the same time!  There is only one love that is greater than a mother's love, and that is a Savior's love.  He loves ME when I am loud, messy, sweet, irritating, fun, demanding, adorable, provoking...  And He forgives me.  There is no greater love.  I know that without HIS love, my love for my children would be nothing.

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  1. Aww, very sweet reminder of Leah's surprise arrival and of God's great love!