Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When times get tough...

I have tried to keep all of my (few) posts fun and up-beat.  But when something TERRIBLE happens to one of your kids, it is hard to think of something worth smiling about.  Tyler ended a bad relationship and it turned out to be a nightmare.  Please pray for God's comfort on him, and for God's righteousness to rule.  I guess when Momma prays, "bring him to his knees,"  you just don't know what you are going to get.  With some people it doesn't take much.  With others it takes a lot.  And still, others just never learn.  I believe Tyler has learned a lot this time!  I am glad he lives close so we can be there to help him pick up the pieces, and for our homeschool community who has been so helpful and supportive (at least the ones who know what is going on.)  We mommas need each other.  Our experiences help us to help each other.  Sharing these experiences draw us closer to each other, as we point each other to the cross.  Praise the Lord.  Pray for Tyler and some of the decisions he needs to make regarding the situation.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm Back!

I started this blog while I was on Christmas break and had more time....  then we started school again!  We all took turns being sick, with Joseph still being somewhat sick with a slight cought and a plugged nose.  His body is trying to fight it, the glands in his neck are so swollen, one sticks out visibly!  I guess I had better break down and take him to the doctor.  I am trying a new (to me) product from Beeyoutiful.com called "Berrywell" but time will tell if it actually works.

Let's see, what has happened since my last post?  Well, the Zander family Christmas went really well.  Unfortunately, Dallas' brother & his wife didn't come, but they sent their son Colin along with Grandma & Grandpa.  Since we had to reschedule due to illness, Darci's (Dallas' sister) kids were with their dad that weekend.  I had really hoped to spend December 27 with my mom & dad since it was Mom's 85th birthday, but we were coughing, not something you want to do around 85/90 year old people!

I had to pull Corah out of Acts Academy for academic reasons this semester.  That has been hard, but she is learning about using her time wisely and pushing herself to stick with the homework.   She really misses her friends, so hopefully by the end of this week she will be 100% caught up and can keep up for a few weeks and go back.

Let's see, what else has happened?  A lot of snow and cold!  The winter seems to be dragging on and on, with the exception of this week, its in the 50's!  Everyone is so happy, except Joseph, who tried to have a sleddin party in December, but all the snow melted.  Tomorrow he turns 8 and his "sledding party" is Friday... after a week of 50 degree days!  Poor Joe.  (I can't believe he is turning 8!)

This week we are taking off school for the sake of my sanity.  Cleaning, organizing, and just taking a break.  We will do it again in April.  It works out Dallas could get off the week of Joseph's birthday and Corah's in April!  The April break is also turkey season!

A special birthday took place in January.  Our Molly turned 13!  If you do the math, that makes her91 in dog years!  She has not endured the extreme cold too well, but she and Kate (the puppy) snuggle in the dog house and keep each other warm.  She is such a grandma to the pup.  She is always trying to help us chase off the males that are coming from all over the neighborhood to seek out this young female dog, who, I assume is in heat!  I can't believe we are debating to get her spayed or not!  I say "Let's get her to the vet!"  Dallas (Of all people!) says, "Let's pick a dog to breed her with."  Crazy.  If we don't decide quick, the blue heeler down the road will get her.  Here is a recent picture of Molly: