Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week of May 29-June4

I am just not very good at keeping up with this blog thing.  Things happen and I think, "I am going to blog this!"  Then I realize I forgot to take pictures, so it just won't be as fun.  Well, we're {ah-hem} "done" with school for the summer, so I can try harder to get into the blog thing... with pictures! 

Some weeks its seems so ho-hum.  Get up, feed the kids, wash laundry, clean the house, break up fights, dry laundry, correct bad behaviors, fix lunch, hope the girls take naps, fold laundry, have a coffee, wish I could get more done.... boring!

This week we had something almost every day...

Monday (Memorial Day) we cleaned for company in the evening, had a dog funeral in the afternoon (the puppy was hit by a minivan!) then we had LOTS of fun with our friends from church.  We had invited 4 families but only 2 could come.  It turned out to be just the thing.  Not too crowded, a good opportunity to get to know these people we sit in church with at a more personal level.

Tuesday was the ACTS Academy concert.  The director asked that each child wear a different color of polo shirt.  It looked really cool!
Then Ethan {Jordyn's boyfriend} preached... this is the first time an alumnus (sp?) was chosen (by the seniors) to preach the graduation sermon!  He preached at his church today, today... hmmm... wonder where this is going?????

Thursday was the last day of ACTS.  The kids were supposed to bring treats.  Well, since we are 25 miles from an affordable grocery store, Corah made cookies! But she Leah refused to be left out!

Friday was a park day with local homeschoolers at the Prairie City park.  It was the first of the season.  I was busy getting the picnic lunch ready, the grocery list for afterward, and my newly "remodled" roller skates and I forgot the camera.  The skates are working GREAT!  But it was soooooo windy, skating into the wind is quite a workout!

Saturday while Daddy & the kids went fishing, I planted a few rows of the garden, hauled a couple loads of grass clippings from the back forty {of our 5 acre yard} and hauled countless 5-gallon buckets of water.  Whew!  I took breaks because I am such a whimp.  Corah learned how to make iced coffee... what a refreshing break!!

Saturday night the "guys" {Dallas, Joseph & Peter} went to a demolition derby so we had a princess party!  We all got dressed up in our "princess attire" and had a "tea" {chololate milk}party and watched "Beauty and the Beast"!
The princesses with the "Queen"
The tea set
 Princess Leah {She'll be 2 on Thursday!}
 Princess Mary Elisabeth

Princess Corah
Don't forget Princess Jordyn! {comedian!}

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  1. See you do have things to blog about! ;) I was too tired to write last week. I promise to write this week. Luv ya!