Thursday, January 31, 2013

Delectable Hot Cocoa

Living 25 miles from an affordable grocery store has prompted me to get creative and frugal over the years.  One thing I started making several years ago is my own hot cocoa mix.  This is not the kind with instant milk.  This has real milk and not only is it good, but I have recently tried something that has made it even BETTER!!

Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa

Its so easy!  I remember my Dad talking about his mother making hot cocoa and how good it was.  I figured if Grandma could make it work with eleven kids during the great depression, surely I could figure something out!

I am into using glass pint and quart jars for everything these days.  
Fill a pint jar about 2/3 full of raw sugar (or white sugar)  
Fill the rest with Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa powder.  
Mix well, then add to milk and microwave it for one minute. Stir.
I microwave it a little longer to the temperature I like.  Oh, so yummy!  

Its the perfect treat for after a certain little person takes a good nap without a fight ;-)  (I like it after my {very rare} nap, too!)

Another variation is to pour about 3/4 cup of coffee, add the mixture and half-and half creamer!  It tastes so creamy and mocha-ish!  It certainly warms you up and lately all I'm doing is looking for ways to warm up!!

The weather is so up-and-down!  We've had 0 to 40 degrees in the last week.  Freezing rain,  a thunderstorm in January, and now its right around 0 with probably a -20 windchill!  {I can't wait for spring!!}

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