Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Laundry Diet

I got tired of feeling overwhelmed with all the laundry I have to do in a week.  I got tired of having mountains of laundry piled on my sofas in our living area because I couldn't keep up with folding.  I'd just HAD IT!

So what do I do when I've just HAD IT???  I do something a little crazy.  I usually make a bit of a fool of myself in the process, but this crazy idea was a good one!

We went on a laundry diet.

When you cut weight, you cut back on food.  When you cut laundry, you cut back on how much you wear in a week.  I gave everyone {who's laundry I actually wash} a limit of how many outfits they can wear in one week.  I mean, come on, it's winter.  How many outfits does one really need, anyway?

1 Sunday church outfit: wear it to the morning and evening services.

1 Wednesday church outfit: nice but casual, also worn to any other outing for the week.

2 Play outfits.  If it gets a little dirty, wear it anyway!  I don't care about these clothes anyway!  If it gets wet from sledding, hang it to dry and re-wear it next time!  If you trash it playing in the creek, wear it in the creek next time 'cuz you're out of luck!

1 Homeschool academy uniform--same pants or skirt for both days. (Tuesday & Thursday afternoons)

With the exception of socks and underwear, I should only be washing 5 items of each per child, every week!  The first week we did this, I had ALL the laundry done in ONE day! {Except for towels & tablecloths, which I need to wash twice per week.}  

I have to admit its a little hard to keep track of whether or not everyone is following the "rules".  It helps if I take the 5 minutes to help them pick their outfits and put them in a specific place.  

I put myself on the same "diet" so I can be a good example to them.  I wear it if its a little dirty {at home}.  I wear the same outfit from Wednesday night church to the grocery store on Thursday.  I realized how wasteful I was in the process.  Not only does it ease my laundry suffering, but I look at it as being a good steward of both time and money.


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