Monday, April 23, 2012

Skillet Dinner

I am what you might call a "dump" cook.  I can, of course, follow a recipe, but I like to make up my own, too.  This recipe was inspired by a restaurant inside Silver Dollar City,  Branson Missouri.  There was a giant trough-like skillet, right along the sidewalk outside the restaurant where they had this hodge-podge of vegetables and sausages cooking together.  I stopped.  I stared.  I studied.  Then I went home and started cooking and experimenting with my skillet.

I start with olive oil, garlic (the kind already minced and jarred in olive oil) an dehydrated onions (Since I can't chop onions!), salt, cracked black pepper, and a little water.  Then I add chopped chunks of a dozen or more baby carrots and start dicing potatoes.  For our family I usually use 6-8 large potatoes, depending on how many will be home for dinner.  Sometimes I add green or red peppers if I have them on hand.  I like to throw in some zucchini  I froze in a quart-size freezer bag last summer.  Then I take one of those Kielbasa sausages and dice up the whole thing and throw that in there.  I put the lid on and let it get all steamed up.  (I use low-moisture cookware.)  After a while I add a couple tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce stir well, put the lid on for 10 minutes, stir again, steam for 10 minutes... until the carrots are tender.  I serve it with some whole wheat bread & butter, and that's our meal.  Its very low calorie, and low fat, and very healthy!  Its not for everyone, but {most of us} we like it!

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  1. MMMMM! Looks yummy! May have to try it , after I get some sausage. ;)