Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Early Spring, 2012

I just love spring!  I love the weather change, the color change, the change in where the kids can play {and eat}.  The first thing they always want to do when it gets nice out is have a picnic.  That works our just fine because our back deck is right off the kitchen through a patio sliding door.  They are in and out all the time when its nice out... which saves a lot of sweeping the floor!
Here they are on our front deck.  I am not sure why they chose the front, maybe it was less windy.  Mac & cheese and strawberries, what more could a kid ask for?
Once the winter breaks, which isn't normally until about now, or even a couple more weeks, we start preparing the ground for our garden and planting tomatoes & green peppers in the house.  This year I used egg shells in egg cartons, which I thought was brilliant.  In the past I have bought the trays with the little disks of soil that plumps up when you water it.  The trays are big and made of a fragile plastic.  Then we have to figure out where to store them the rest of the year without them getting damaged.  I like the egg shell idea better.  We will plant shells and all!

The tomatoes {on the right} were up in just 3-4 days!  After putting them out on the deck a week later, some of them grew about an inch in just one afternoon!  I was so amazed!  Dallas has the garden all tilled and ready for me to plant... whenever I get around to it, that is!

Happy Spring!

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