Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family Camp 2011

Getting ready for camp this year was not normal.  It was the same week we lost Molly.  I was feeling very tired and depressed.  We really didn't have the money to PAY for our camp week, so we had a decision to make about whether or not we would cancel.  I kept putting it off..... long story short, the LORD provided and we went to camp.  I had 24 hours to pack 5 people for camp. (Two were already at a camp so I didn't have to pack much for them.)  Dallas got off early that day so he was able to get the mowing done and other stuff to prepare to go.  I had a "rough" list to follow otherwise, I didn't have a clue where to start!  I had been on an emotional roller coaster that morning: worried, disappointed, shocked, and joyful... my head was spinning!

Somehow we managed to be ready to leave home around noon on Saturday.  We drove seperate, picked up the kids from our friends' who had picked them up from camp, then went on from there. {With a couple of detours, but never mind...} We had an amazing week at camp!  Despite the 117 degree heat index, God blessed us SOOOOO much!  He did a wonderful work in our family and we are just so thankful that it worked out for us to go!  I was even able to sleep more at camp than I normally do at home.  Of course there wasn't as much to do at night like at home.  No dishes, no computer.....  Here are some pictures to show some of our fun:

With that heat, the pool was a must... EVERY day!
Leah's mode of transportation
 Joseph's first time on the climbing wall
Corah, way at the top!
 Peter & Leah at the carnival on the last day.
There was a "Cowboy" theme.
 Mary and her friend.
Our new, 2011 family portrait!

That last picture was taken on a permanent "building front" in the basement of the dining hall {Jensen}.  When they finished the basement, they used an old barn someone had donated, so all the walls have faded barn wood.  It looks amazing! 
Corah and friends playing games in the basement of Jensen. 
You can sort-of see in the background that they aren't totally finished with the basement.  There is a coffee shop, the snack shack, an indoor roller hockey rink which separates into three very nice, large classrooms for the little kids.  The incompleted area will be the camp store.
 Wednesday, family game night, the cowboy version of Bingo-- "Ye-Haw!"
We aren't in this picture, but its a good view of the basement of Jensen and the new snack shack.
 Family devotions
Couple devotions

We just had such a nice time, and it was so clear to us that God really wanted us there!  We are so thankful to Him for making the way clear for us to get there, then to work on us while we were there!

Coming soon..... summer birthdays.....


  1. IRBC is the best! The Lord always blesses a week of camp!

  2. I am so GLAD you were able to go..Just wish we could have been there too! Loved the family picture! Savor those moments! Our little ones are growing up WAY TOO FAST!!