Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What seemed like a "normal" trip to the orthodontist...

Over a year and a half ago we started taking Corah to an orthodontist in Newton.  They did all the x-rays and molds and everything and told me she would need about 1-1/2 years of preliminary work done before they would even put braces on her, not to mention the estimate brought  sad tears to my eyes!.  So I decided I wanted a second opinion.  I had all of her information transfered to a doctor in Pella, had an appointment set up well before Leah was due and, wouldn't you know?  I was in the hospital that day, recovering from my emergency c-section and never made it there!  After all the stress that goes along with a preemie, and me health failing, too... I forgot all about the orthodontist!  So I decided to get the appointment set up and take her today.

Today was also the big day for Mama Kitty to go to the vet and have her " special" surgery.  (She has survived for two years- a record for one of our cats-  and she has had 27 kittens in 4 litters!  We thought she deserved a trip to the vet!) I would drop her off in Monroe on the way to Pella, have about an hour and a half to kill at Walmart before the orthodontist appointment, go to the appointment, grab Arby's or something and get Corah to Acts academy.  Well, Mama Kitty made a "mess" in her kennel and I had to clean that up before we could go. Now 15 minutes late for her surgery appointment.

Next we went to the Pella Walmart.  It wasn't very busy so it was easy to find everything we needed and had plenty of time to check out..... until I realized I left my wallet at home!!!  After panicing for a while and sending Corah to the van to look for it, then going myself to look for it, I called Jordyn and she told me the credit card numbers over the phone and I was able to pay, anyway!  Way to go, Jordyn!  I never would have thought of that! (Though I feel really bad for that poor cashier!)  Then we would barely make it to the appointment on time, but we were OK.         

The GREAT news is, that BECAUSE we waited that year and a half to start Corah's orthodontic treatments, she no longer needs all that preliminary work and that will save us $1700!!  Wow!  Only God can get credit for that one!! "Thank You!"

Such is a day in the life (actually only a half of a day) of the Zander Zoo.

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