Friday, December 17, 2010

Dogs Update

Remember when Daddy said "NO" to the dogs?  Well, since we had fallen in love with them so quickly, we decided to give them some more time, you know, to see if they were going to 'work out'.  They were working out  pretty well!  They are so friendly and loving!  I named the big male "Jack". The female puppy still has several names, as we haven't settled on one yet, it might be "Kate".  They moved into Molly's doghouse which she never uses any more.  They would go in there and cuddle and keep each other warm.  On Wednesday, we were in our school room, which is in the basement with a glass walk-out door and we can see the doghouse from inside.  All of a sudden, Corah said, "Mom, Jack just fell!"  Strange, huh?  I went outside to him and he collapsed again... AND DIED!!!  Aaahhhhh!!!!  Needless to say, our school day ended right then and there!  We spent the rest of the day mourning the dog we had known for a whole 6 days.  I was afraid he would get frozen to the ground and be there until spring so I threw the dog blanket over him, also, so we didn't have to look at him!  Dallas was very busy when he got off work that day and could not "take care of" the body, so he was still there Thursday when we tried to do school.  Yuck.  Thursday evening he "took care of it."   (But there is a melted spot in the snow in the shape of the dog!)

We feel so bad we couldn't have done something to help poor Jack.  He was so thin.  I thought he was starving and Dallas thought he was sick.  I guess he was right.  We decided he died happy because he had a family to love him once again.  He was trying to come and be with us because he knew he was dying.  Poor Jack.  Rest in Peace!
This is Peter and Jack notice his ribs showing.  This picture is a perfect example of what a people lover he was.  This was taken last Friday, the first day he came!
 Puppy (Kate?)

What is that noise? .... Dallas is home early today!  YIPPEEEE!!!

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