Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer: Organize, Relax, Play

I didn't post anything last week because it didn't seem like we did anything!  After the painting adventure, I went straight for organization.... in a laxadazy way. {Is that a work? I guess it is now!}  We worked on the girls' room last week, plus the usual stuff {laundry, cooking, trying to keep up}.  So far the kids are keeping their "new" rooms rather tidy!  Every morning we have a race: BOYS AGAINST GIRLS!  Most days it is very close.  They stakes are high {Hershey's Kisses} and they are doing a great job!  This week my focus was BATHROOM DRAWERS.  Each bathroom has 6 drawers.  The worst two were mine, of course.  I threw away old beauty products, gave away a few extra hairbrushes, and made some stuff that was formerly on the counter in a basket to fit in a drawer.  Now I have all the miscillaneous "littles" to deal with.  You know, parts of who-knows-what {and if I throw it away, as soon as the trash man drives away, I will figure out what it went to and wish I hadn't thrown it!}Oh, and how many pencils and pens does one need in the BATHROOM????  {Blame it on homeschooling!}  I know I should be getting more done each day, but it is my summer break, too, right?!

On Sunday, June 26 was the annual Dale Family Reunion.  I didn't honestly expect anyone to show up to "nowhere" Iowa, but we actually had a great turn-out!  All of my {living} siblings were there and several of my nieces and nephews and their kids.  There was LOADS of food and so many people I couldn't talk to everyone!  I guess that's a good thing!  My Mom started the reunion journal in 1968.  it is fun to read through the years and remember the good ol' days {and miss all those who have gone before us}.  My dad was the middle button of 11 children.  He has been the oldest for quite some time and the two youngest are still living and one other aunt by marriage.
{top} My Dad with my niece Jenny who drove up from Sedaia, MO
{second} My Dad with My nephew Nick and his new girlfriend, Teresa
{below} My niece Tina with daughter Elisabeth and boyfriend Mike
Yesterday Dallas got off work before noon, so we met  him in Des Moines and went to the Iowa Historical Building.  This is the Mammoth display, very impressive! {HUGE!!}
There was a lot on display this time which I had never seen before!  We used to go every year or so and see the same stuff, it was worth the wait!
This is just one example of the MANY taxidermy displays that are set up at theIowa Historical Building.  Each animal is given a number and each display has a list, naming each animal and sometimes even the age of the animal.  Some of these animals were stuffed in the 1920's!

The Grant Wood display at the Iowa Historical Building ;-)

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